HDD Olimpija Ljubljana

  • Twelve Multiple Yugoslavian Champion
  • EBEL Vice Champion 2008
  • 2nd place Alps League 1997
  • Master of the Inter League 2001, 2002

The HDD Olimpija Ljubljana ( Hokejsko Drsalno Društvo Olimpija Ljubljana) is a Slovenian ice hockey club from Ljubljana. The club was founded in 1929 and is a multiple of Yugoslav champion and thirteen league titles Slovenian record holder. The club also took part in several times in the Alps League and finished second in the 1996/97 season the second place. For the 2007 /08 season, the club of HK Jesenice applied as in the previous year to take part in the Erste Bank Hockey League and was taken in April 2007.

  • 5.1 Participation of players on the All- Star team
  • 5.2 team captains
  • 7.1 Average Attendance


Erste Bank Hockey League

After the change of HDD Olimpija Ljubljana in the Erste Bank Hockey League had been confirmed, a new team has been around many years of regulars established. Some foreign players who extensively already have experience in the Austrian League were committed. However, the most important transfer took place on the position of the goalkeeper, where Alex Westlund longtime Ljubljana goalkeeper Klemen Mohorič replaced. The team started the season well and was able to defeat some of the favorites to mid-October, but this run did not last long. There followed a series of defeats, the team slipped back into the course in the table except for the last places. Although stabilized the performance, but it was no longer possible to catch the rather large distance has become one of the six best teams. In the qualifying round, where the four last placed teams playing off the two remaining playoff spots, the team lost none of the games in the regular season and had only beaten once in the shootout to give.

In the playoffs, they met in the quarterfinals of the EC KAC and managed in the very first game of a sensation by the favorite on foreign ice was defeated 3-1. In the end, the team managed a sweep to the semifinals, where the EHC Linz was beaten 4-2 victories. Unexpectedly, the team had made ​​it to the finals, where the defending champions EC Red Bull Salzburg waited. Again, the winning streak seemed at first to continue, as Ljubljana won the first game in Salzburg 3-2 on a penalty shootout. Although initially Salzburg home advantage brought back again, but Laibach again managed a victory after extra time at the Salzburg ice. It was, however, come to some harder scenes. The Criminal Division detained a Slovenian player, which were available to the HDD Olimpija Ljubljana for the next game player less points available. However, the Laibach made ​​a mistake when setting up the next game, and set up too many players. The match was then verified with criminal 0:5 in favor of Salzburg. The Ljubljana heard about it but only when they were already on the way to Salzburg for the fifth finals. This rather late decision was made by the team very hard, and play number five was lost. To make matters worse still Alex Westlund injured, so the final was lost in the sixth game on their own ice.

For the 2008/ 09 season, the tribe of the team was left almost unchanged. However, Alex Westlund joined the EHC Linz and had to be replaced by Mike Morrison. Already the first game, however, showed that there were problems in the team, as Salzburg won 7-0 at Ljubljana ice. In the following years, the achievements of the team not stabilized. Mike Morrison was replaced during the season by Markus Korhonen, but this brought no improvement. Thus, the season had to be finished in last place.

In the 2009/10 season the club managed to lead the commitment of well-known players, which was initially hoping for a successful season. After the team was started but only with very limited success in the season, big problems came midway through the season with the budget added. Olimpija had prematurely released from the contract and bring the season with a skeleton crew to an end, which consisted to a large extent only of young players, most transfer card players. Despite some sporadic successes, the team slipped to the end of the preliminary round from the last seat. The club management announced to plan in each case with a stay in the Austrian league, but one is on the side of the league due to the precarious financial situation skeptical.


  • Slovenian Champion: 1995-2004, 2007, 2012 ( 12 times )
  • Yugoslavian Champion: 1972, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1984 ( 8 times )
  • 2nd place in the Alps League: 1996/97
  • Vice- champion of the Austrian Erste Bank Eishockey Liga 2007 /08

Club statistics

Legend: W = Win, L = Loss in regulation time, NNV = Losses after Overtime or shootout, win % = percentage of the total possible points achieved, TVH = Goal difference

Squad of the 2013/14 season

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Participation of players on the All- Star team

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The home of HDD Olimpija Ljubljana 's Hala Tivoli. It is a modern multi-purpose hall, in various other sports are played. In addition, regular concerts are held, what the hall made ​​known beyond the borders of Slovenia addition.

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