Consumer Electronics Control ( CEC) provides for electronic consumer devices inter-component control functions such as " One Touch Play / Record ", "System Standby", " Preset Transfer", etc. are available. The CEC interface has been derived from AV.link than the previously prevailing in Europe control standard.

Ideally, can thus be a maximum of 15 devices ( eg TV, radio, CD player, amplifier, etc. ) across manufacturers jointly control, provided that support all networked devices CEC. A major design basis is the TV set as a goal for all signals and remote control of the TV set as operation of the entire system. Due to this " A screen " approach, it comes with HDMI and distributors in multiroom systems inevitably lead to problems, because there are multiple targets naturally present, but this is not provided in CEC in its addressing. Apart from a general waiver of CEC, this problem can only be solved by such systems, which allow the isolation and the routing of the CEC transport independent of audio and video signals.

CEC uses a simple serial, single-wire data bus, as it is optional eg HDMI connections (on pin 13) are available. The nominal data bit duration is about 2.4 ms, which corresponds to a data rate of approximately 417 bits /. The connection establishment and review at CEC capability takes place in the course of the EDID handshake when hot-plug event. This is done at power up or when inserting a HDMI plug into a HDMI socket.

CEC function list

Many of these functions are not made ​​mandatory so that different devices have quite different CEC complete implementations. With version 1.3 of the HDMI specification, many functions are clarified and so many teething problems of CEC have been solved.

Manufacturer names

Many manufacturers use their own brand name for HDMI -CEC:

  • T-Link at ITT
  • EasyLink at Philips
  • EZ- Sync at JVC
  • Simplink at LG
  • NetCommand for HDMI at Mitsubishi
  • RIHD (Remote Interactivity over HDMI) Onkyo
  • Viera Link Panasonic
  • Kuro link at Pioneer
  • Anynet with Samsung
  • Aquos link at Sharp
  • BRAVIA Sync for Sony
  • Regza -Link, Toshiba
  • TechniLink at Technisat
  • CSTLink at Cool Stream
  • FUN- Link at Funai Electric
  • Digi -Link at Grundig