HDX4 is an MPEG -4 video codec of the German company Jomigo. The codec was in 2005 in comparison tests from a magazine and Web site Doom9 's fastest MPEG -4 codec in the test field, but this is paid for with relatively low coding efficiency. He is also compatible with DivX, Xvid and Nero Digital.

The MPEG- 4 implementation in HDX4 follows the guidelines of ISO/IEC-14496-2-Spezifikationen, thereby implementing the so-called Simple Profile and Advanced Simple Profile.

As a bundle there to the suite " HDX4 Movie Creator ". This software is supposed to be primarily optimized for the creation of videos for portable devices, beyond, so also leave professional videos in high definition or for streaming solutions in MP4 format produce.

The codec is now more likely to spread in a commercial environment, including at Lufthansa or the Fraunhofer IGD in Darmstadt which implement to use video conferencing solution communitrust. Numerous end- products such as Movie Jack can use the codec for conversion of videos, for example, content for use on the PlayStation Portable or mobile phone ( 3GPP-Format. )

There are SDKs for installation of MPEG4, H.264, AAC, AMR -NB, G.726, 3GP, MP4, ASF, upscaling and optimization functions.