He (short story)

He ( the original English title "Hey ") is a horror short story by author HP Lovecraft from 1925. Subject of the narrative are the eerie experiences of a young poet in New York in the early 20th century.


A nameless protagonist investigated as a poet in New York in the early 20th century for inspiration. But instead they find gold, he is particularly disgusted and disappointed by the modern appearance of the city by day. As a result he starts to search at night for the traces of old New York. On one of these forays to offer him an old stranger as a leader. Under his leadership, the protagonist arrives at the house of strangers. Both his house and his clothes have the appearance of the 18th century, a curiosity that initially justified the man himself with his special fondness for this time.

Under the condition that it be quiet, the stranger now reports to the protagonists of the original owner of the house, a purported ancestors, who had learned from the Indians of the territory under the full moon to full pulling ritual, that permits to control the time. It is also mentioned that the Indians were killed in the sequence, possibly through the fault of the landlord. To demonstrate this capability passed to him the stranger shows the protagonist through the window of the environment at different times, twice to New York in the past, even the future. The sight of this future shocked the viewer so that he forgets the Silent bid and cries.

This cry is calling the dead Indians who return at full moon to get revenge on the stranger who is none other than the ancient laird himself. He comes around and the appearance of dead Indians takes possession of his remains. The house then begins to collapse. The protagonists succeed with effort and seriously injured to escape, he is widely found from the house and is later willing to rediscover this place neither in a position. He leaves - not without warning before the depravity of this city - New York.

Biographical influences

The story was written during Lovecraft's two-year New York Stay ( March 1924-April 1926 ), and it is believed that reflects his aversion to this city in the narrative.

Creation, publication and German translation

" He" was written in 1925 and published in 1926 in Weird Tales. The German translation of "He " comes from Charlotte Countess of Klinckowstroem.



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