As headquarters ( headquarters, headquarters, corporate headquarters ) a logistical planning, command and coordination center is called.

In the military, the headquarters of a major association is usually at a safe distance to the current combat action. On duty at headquarters (abbreviated HQ) are the commander and his staff. Such a device is equipped with all necessary for warfare means of communication.

Headquarters is available in all sizes from Division headquarters shortly after the war front to the headquarters of the armed forces leadership in the capital of a country.

In some countries, for example in the United States, the Department of Defense is equivalent to the central headquarters. In other states, the headquarters is housed at another secure location.

In the command structure of NATO, the posts usually are occupied multinational. Supreme Headquarters of NATO is the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe ( SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium. This eleven regional headquarters are assumed. In June 2011, NATO decided to reduce the number to eight regional headquarters. The locations of Madrid, Lisbon and Heidelberg are closed.


The term Headquarters is sometimes also used in the civilian sector (especially as anglicism after the English word headquarters ) for a corporate headquarters or other places where together the threads of a company, a ministry or other organization.