Health insurance

A health insurance reimburses the insured costs (full or partial) for the treatment of diseases, maternity and often after accidents. It is part of the health and in many countries the social security system. In some countries, in addition to financial services will be added also in kind. Whether the consequential costs of accidents are covered by health insurance or a special accident insurance, is also regulated country-specific.


Membership in a health insurance applies as either voluntary ( insurance freedom: Private, additional, or supplementary health insurance ) or by law ( insurance requirement: Statutory compulsory health insurance ).

The health insurance premium is dependent on the selected power supply or the income of the insured.

Depending on the country the insurance of different entities is offered. While in Switzerland 100 % of individuals assure the statutory power in the private sector insurance companies there are in Germany only 13%, in Austria 0%. Public bodies take it over there to insure the majority of people.



Health insurance in Germany is required by law. 87 % are insured with public corporations and pay an income-related contribution. 13% are in private insurance companies as well as institutions of public law and pay a risk-based insurance premium.


Health insurance is required by law and is covered 100% by public corporations. The insurance obligation in a so-called social security dealt with, which is organized by occupation classes. There are also special rules for the unemployed, pensioners and children. The health insurance premium is dependent on income.


There is a general compulsory insurance within the legally prescribed minimum benefits of mandatory basic health insurance for all residents of Switzerland. It includes a deductible in the amount of 1,000 francs per year, consisting of a fixed amount (deductible ) and a percentage deductible is. Health insurance policies are offered only by private insurance companies.

The monthly insurance premium is not means tested and is not subsidized by the employer, but low-income earners receive a grant of the respective canton. The premium amount can be set freely by the insurers, but shall be considered as single premium for all insured persons in the same age group (children, young adults and adults) and premium region. The policy must be offered to any person ( to contract ) to this unit premium. Voluntary supplementary services can be protected against impact or endorsement ( private health insurance).

Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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As in Switzerland, a catalog of services are defined by law, and persons required to hedge this risk in one of the approved private insurance companies. Insurance companies have to take each person for the specified condition.


The patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a law of the United States from the year 2010, which regulates the access to health insurance ( Obamacare )