Heckel -Brunow is a municipality in the district of Mark- Oder in Brandenburg country, and is part of the Office Falkenberg height.

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Geography and transport

The place is situated on the plateau south of the Barnim at the edge of Brunower Heath. Southwest of the village there is the Gamengrund, a glacial deep trough. The community is located about 12 km south of Eberswalde and 30 km north-east of Berlin. The B 158 runs south-east and the B 167 northeast of the community.

Community structure

The municipality consists of the inhabited parts of the municipality Heckelberg, Brunow, Beerbaum, Gratze and Tiefenseer settlement. The former municipalities Heckelberg and Brunow each form a district.


The district Brunow is first mentioned for the first time in 1347 as " Brunowe " and Heckelberg in 1340 in a document. In the Middle Ages a manor belonged on the field mark the place for the possession of the Cistercian monastery Friedland. The merger of the two communities Brunow and Heckelberg to a community, " Heckel -Brunow " on December 31, 2001.


Coat of arms

The community performs a coat of arms and a flag.

Blazon: " diagonally quartered by green and gold; Field 1: a golden Seven Leaf, Field 2 and 3: a blue wave bar, box 4. Over a golden ground a golden chestnut leaf "

The coat of arms was designed by Frank heraldist Diemar.

District of Arms

The district Brunow leads the coat of arms and the flag of the former municipality Brunow further than the district coat of arms. The coat of arms has the following description: It is quartered gold and blue; 1 and 4, an obliquely oriented right with the style of the middle green chestnut leaf, 2 and 3, a left oblique, upwards flying silver wild goose with red beak.


In the list of monuments in Heckel -Brunow are registered in the list of monuments of the country Brandenburg monuments.

The village church in Heckelberg dates from the mid-13th century.

Church in Heckelberg