Hector Dyer

Hector Dyer ( born June 2, 1910 in Los Angeles, California, † 19 May 1990 in Fullerton, California ) was an American athlete who came into existence in the early 1930s as a sprinter. His coach was Richard " Dink " Templeton.


Dyer grew up in San Francisco in Bakersfield and from his twelfth year. He was an only child. His father worked in the oil business. His mother appeared as a singer and gave ballet lessons. His paternal grandfather, Major William Newton Monroe, founder of Monrovia was.

With the sport he began at the age of 12 years at the High School in Inglewood. In the Bay League in Santa Monica, he won his first 50 -y race. As a junior he took at West Coast High School - competitions at some relay races. He brought it to a 100 -y- best time of 10.4 seconds

In the X. Olympic Summer Games 1932 in Los Angeles, he was a member of the 4x100 m - Season, which in 40.0 sec won the gold medal in the occupation of Frank Wykoff, Robert Kiesel, Emmett Toppino and final runner Hector Dyer.

In 1930 he won the IC4A Championship over 220 y 100 y and was second behind Ralph Metcalfe. In the AAU championships he could not occupy the front seats. In 1930, he was over 100 y 220 y sixth and fifth, fifth in 1932 again over 200 m. His personal best over 100 y is 9.5 sec

Hector Dyer studied economics at Stanford University ( completion 1931). After the end of his career he joined also one into the oil business. Initially, he worked for General Petroleum (now Mobil Oil ) as Belieferer of gas stations in Beverly Hills, later - after his service in the Navy - in various brokerage firms.