Hedda Hopper

Hedda Hopper, born Elda Furry, ( born 2 May 1885 in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, USA, † February 1, 1966 in Hollywood, California ) was an American actress and society columnist.


In the 1920s and 1930s, Hedda Hopper often played small roles in films, as in What do you want me with Greta Garbo. Dissatisfied with the course of their career, Hopper decided in 1936 to change to the editorials. She established herself as a competitor of Louella Parsons as one of the leading company columnists in the country. Hedda was known for her extravagant hats and partly their year-long, staged in the public quarrels with Elsa Maxwell and actress Constance Bennett.

Hedda Hopper was not squeamish when it came to discredit her unpopular people. A favorite target of her was Orson Welles and especially his film Citizen Kane, which they violently attacked on behalf of William Randolph Hearst, to whose magazines she wrote partially exclusive columns. Towards the end of the 40s their influence began to wane. A new, much more aggressive journalism, as the magazine ' Confidential ' embodied him, quickly supplanted the traditional medi distinctive, but mostly content- poor stories from Hollywood. Quite a few claim they have the former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover leaked information. During the McCarthy era denounced numerous than " left " relevant actors and promoted the right-wing Ronald Reagan when he moved into politics.

Hopper took claim for themselves, Claudette Colbert in 1944 starring in the rambling home front strip Since You Went to have convinced farewell. Overall, the actual influence of Hopper and Co. should not be over-estimated. The studios protected their stars before the publication really explosive revelations. Most of the stories of Hopper turned to more or less invented romance and fashion questions.

She was well acquainted with Joan Crawford, the zuspielte her many ' exclusive ' stories. Elizabeth Taylor, who himself had often suffered from the gossip reporters from Hollywood, embodied rival Louella Parsons Hopper's in a TV movie. Hedda Hopper in 1985, played by Jane Alexander in the film Malice in Wonderland

The actor William Hopper, known as an actor from the television series Perry Mason, was the son of Hedda Hopper.