Heede, Schleswig-Holstein

Heede is a municipality in the district of Pinneberg, in Schleswig -Holstein. The municipality belongs to the district Schöttelhörn.

Geography and transport

Heede is located about ten kilometers east of Elmshorn, three kilometers east of Barmstedt and nine kilometers northwest of Quickborn. The community is dominated by agriculture and has a large industrial park, which is still under construction.

The municipal area is characterized by inland dunes and heaths, of which probably derives also the place name. Near the center, the recreation area " Heede fir " is a large proportion of forest. The Krückau flows through the community.

Between Heede and Elmshorn the federal motorway 23 State Road 4 Quick Born to Bad Bramstedt runs a few miles west of Heede.


Of the nine seats in the municipal council has the voter community FWG since the local elections 2008 six seats and voters Community GHW three.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In gold a lowered blue wave beams, about a grafted or budded root, branched green heather with red flowers, including two outwardly sloping green oak leaves. "

Culture and sights