The Army Personnel Office was a military service of the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht. It was formed in 1935 along with four other offices, the Army High Command and was responsible for personnel matters.


  • Major General / Lieutenant General Johann Edler von Braun ( from 7 December 1918)
  • Lieutenant General Wilhelm Heye ( from 1 April 1922)
  • Major General Hermann Reinecke ( from 1 October 1923)
  • Colonel Joachim von Stülpnagel ( from 1 February 1927)
  • Colonel Günther von Hammerstein - Equord (1 October 1929)
  • Lieutenant General Erich von dem Bussche - Ippenburg (1 November 1930)
  • Colonel Viktor von Schwedler (1 October 1933)
  • Major General Keitel Bodewin (4 February 1938)
  • Major General Rudolf Schmundt (1 October 1942)
  • Lieutenant General Wilhelm Burgdorf (12 October 1944)

Since 1807, the Royal Prussian Military Cabinet had decided how officers selected, appointed or promoted. The management of this institution was incumbent on the Chief of the Military Cabinet which had since 1857 at the same time brought forward general of adjutant to the King.

This resulted in 1920, the new Army Personnel Agency ( HPA), which had to deal with all personnel matters of the officers and cadets of the army of the Reichswehr and later the Wehrmacht. An exception was the general staff officers, whose training, use and transport decided the Central Division of the General Staff of the Army. With the increased hiring of officers from 1935 and especially during the Second World War, it arose multiple new tasks. Alone 1932-1939 the officer corps grew by 28 times on the 89 087 points. The Office of Personnel tried the shortage of officers therefore counteract with temporary workers, such as the transport of active commissioned officers or adjustment of reserve officers, without being able to solve the general problem.

Also led to growing demands of many organizational changes. Basically, the subdivision was in several departments:

  • Division P 1 (Planning human resources, personnel management officers )
  • Division P 2 ( Disciplinary matters of officers )
  • Division P 3 ( staffing the General Staff officers; issued from 1935 to the Central Division of the General Staff of the Army )
  • Division P 4 ( Staff leadership of the officers of the special careers; was April 1, 1939 in P 3 renamed)

On October 2, 1942 Major General and " Chefadjuntant the Wehrmacht during the leaders ' Rudolf Schmundt new Chief of Army Personnel Office was. Thus, the personal union of Chief Adjutant and Chief of the Army Personnel Office was re-established for the first time since 1918. After his death, due to the suffered in an assassination attempt on 20 July 1944 severe injury took over his former deputy, Lieutenant General Wilhelm Burgdorf, the function of the Chief of Army Personnel Office. He, too, at the same time took the business of the chief aides of the armed forces with Hitler.

The holdings of the Army Personnel Office located where they are still preserved in the Bundesarchiv Military Archives in Freiburg im Breisgau.