Heidenrod With nearly 96 square kilometers, the geographically largest community in the Rheingau -Taunus-Kreis in Hesse and heard throughout Hesse to the communities with the most districts, there are 19 in number. The municipality is located in Laufenselden, by far the largest district.

The municipal area is only good one square kilometer smaller than the urban area of the nearby city of Mainz, but this has 25 times more inhabitants. With just under 7,800 inhabitants Heidenrod located in the district comparing the midfield between Schlangenbad and Rüdesheim am Rhein.

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Geographical location

Heidenrod located in the western Hintertaunus north of the Taunus mountains main ridge and west of the Aar, between Koblenz and Wiesbaden, about halfway between the Rhine and Lahn. The municipal area extends around the high-altitude forest in the Kemeler heath, which belongs to the ridge on which runs the well-known than Bäderstraße federal highway 260. The two highest villages of the western Taunus, Kemel ( center at 510 m altitude) and Mappershain ( center at 500 m height ) are districts of Heidenrod. The Mappershainer head, about 500 m northwest of the town of the same is, with 548 meters the highest mountain in the western Hintertaunus. Due to the altitude rises in the municipality a number of streams, which flow in all directions to the municipal boundaries and the Heidenrod bring a very complex structure of watersheds. So almost every district is in a different valley or alone on a ridge between two valleys.

The municipal area originate west of the hamlet Kemel the headwaters of the Wisper, which unite between the hamlets Wisper and Geroldstein. In the district of Mappershain Dörsbach springs. About 60 % of its territory is covered with forests.

Neighboring communities

Heidenrod bordered to the north by the municipalities Holzhausen an der Haide, Rettert, Bernd Roth, Dörsdorf, Eisighofen and Reckenroth (all Rhein- Lahn-Kreis in Rhineland -Palatinate ), in the north- east on the community Aarbergen, in the east on the community Hohenstein, in the southeast to the city of Bad Schwalbach, on the southwest by the city Oestrich- angle, on the west by the town of Lorch, and the municipalities Welterod, Strüth, Weidenbach, Diethardt and Nastaetten (all in Rhein- Lahn-Kreis ).


A large village Heidenrod consists of 19 districts ( in brackets are the respective population according to the state of 14 November 2012):

Algenroth (77) Dickenschied ( 473 ) Egenroth (172) Geroldstein (91 ), Grebe Roth ( 346 ), Hilgenroth (103) Huppert (525), Kemel ( 1219 ), cross- difference ( 238) Laufenselden ( 1,894 ) Mappershain ( 246) Martenroth (67) Nauroth ( 582 ) Niedermeilingen ( 328) Obermeilingen (93) Jumping ( 460) Watzelhain ( 362) Wisper (94) and anger ( 447 ).

Six of the districts have no more than about one hundred per inhabitant.

For each of the previously independent municipalities a local district was built with town council. The former municipality Dickenschied - Geroldstein was divided in two local districts and received for each district of a town council.


Ahead of municipal reform in Hesse at 31 December 1971 initially 16 independent communities had come together to form a large village under the new name Heidenrod. On 1 July 1972, added Martenroth. The 18 former municipality Hilgenroth was incorporated on 1 January 1977 by Act after Heidenrod.


Municipal council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


The community Heidenrod maintains partnership relations with

Infrastructure and economy

Due to the topography of the municipality is limited, there are in Heidenrod eight sewage treatment plants. The aim is to entertain 18 village communal houses, 15 volunteer fire and 16 cemeteries. The lively club life of Heath Roder is expressed in the number of 84 clubs.


The Rheingau -Taunus- Transport Company ( RTV) is the local public transport company of the Rheingau- Taunus-Kreis. She is a shareholder of the Rhine -Main Transport Association.

By Heather Roder districts Grebe Roth, Laufenselden, Huppert and Kemel leads the German Limes Cycle Route. This follows the Upper Germanic - Rhaetian Limes 818 km from Bad Hönningen am Rhein to Regensburg on the Danube.

Educational institutions

  • Primary school Kemeler Heath
  • Bat School (primary school)


Since 1988, the Janeco International GmbH produced in Grebe Roth fortune cookies for the whole world, up to 25 million pieces per year. 2007 moved the Kopp - Umwelt GmbH on a former military base in Kemel and made it a natural energy park. The company has built two 134 -meter-high wind turbines, it operates a biomass power plant and a biogas plant is planned. Already in 2013, the company produces up to 40 million kilowatt hours per year of renewable energy and is equipped with 85 employees, the largest private employer in Heidenrod. The community plans to end 2014, the construction of up to twelve wind turbines along the Bäderstraße and hopes that this annual income of 800,000 euros for the municipal treasury.

Culture and sights


  • On June 3, 2012, made ​​of larch wood chapel of the Protestant community was passed as a sacred space in the district Langenseifen. The standing in the field of district buildings designated by the population as a small cathedral.


  • Arne Hoffmann (born 1969 in Wiesbaden), media scholar, journalist and author, lives in Heidenrod Jumping
  • Christian Hock (born 1970 in Aschaffenburg ), former football coach of Wehen, lives in Kemel