Heike Hennig

Heike Hennig ( born November 8, 1966 in Leipzig ) is a German film director, choreographer and guest professor at the University of Leipzig.

Life and work

Heike Hennig experienced as a child their first Bühnenenauftritte in Leipzig. She studied German literature, modern dance / choreography and Body - Mind Centering in Cologne and Performing Arts at Moving On Center - School for Participatory Arts and Research in Oakland, California, USA, as a foreign fellow of the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft. There followed several months of working visits to theater groups in Brazil and Portugal.

Heike Hennig 1995 returned back to Leipzig, where she worked as a freelance choreographer and dancer from 1998. First, she worked with the composer Bernd Franke in the ensemble or solo x-fold and taught at the Palucca School Dresden, Leipzig University and the College of Visual Arts. In interdisciplinary seminars with anatomy, painting and choreography Heike Hennig gives body and movement -oriented curriculum.

Together with Friedrich U. Minkus founded Heike Hennig 2000 FZTM - Forum of Contemporary Dance and Music and her ensemble Heike Hennig & Co in Leipzig as its artistic director and so developed more than 15 stage plays and 30 interdisciplinary art projects at various stages and institutions. Her team includes more than 50 artists from different genres from architects to video artist.

In cooperation with the LOFFT and the International Dance Week Dresden 2001/2002 was the trilogy strangers. 2003 was commissioned by the euro -scene Leipzig the dance piece " Soshamma " on the stage and in the lime rock LOFFT the dance piece " Still" in collaboration with the installation and video artist Till Exit. 2004 Hennig developed the dance piece " Estha " which was first shown at international festivals outside of the Free State of Saxony. 2004 was commissioned by the Jewish Cultural Festival in Berlin, the dance piece " Mendel " and 2005, the dance performance " Harzer Roller" in the context of modern home, an initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Heike Hennig developed in 2006, the dance piece " encounters with Bach" for Thuringia Bach Festival at the German National Theatre in collaboration with the composer Steffen Schleiermacher.

As of 2005, the dance piece time was at the Leipzig Opera - dancing since 1927, which was filmed in 2007 by the New Zealand director Trevor Peters in the documentary dance over time by Ma.Ja.De film production Leipzig in coproduction with ZDF in collaboration with ARTE and 2008 was brought by the Ventura movie in theaters. Heike Hennig makes the former members of the Leipzig Opera Ursula Cain, Christa Franze, Siegfried Prölß and Horst Dittmann, who then walked toward the 80 years to tell their dance and life story of Mary Wigman, Dore Hoyer, Tatjana Gsovsky to Palucca. During the filming of the dance piece was the time jumps, in which the protagonists meet on their younger colleagues of Heike Hennig & Co and DJ cfm. In the dance piece is about the encounter and confrontation of generations, which can also be in different dance styles from modern dance on street dance and contact improvisation read to the classical ballet. Since the premiere of time were - dancing since 1927 and the continuation time jumps over 30 times listed in Leipzig and at international festivals. It is thus Heike Hennig's most successful works.

In the spring of 2008 the book of the same name appeared in Plöttner Verlag Leipzig for the film " Dance with the times" by the author Marion Appelt and a preface by Renate Schmidt. The protagonists talk about their lives and the common path with Heike Hennig. It contains numerous and samples and scene photos and archival images of the protagonist and dance photographer Siegfried Prölß.

Developed for the 2007/ 8 and curated Heike Hennig the cross-genre series operandi unplugged with Music Dance Theatre New Media in the basement theater of the Leipzig Opera. In the first four editions of the cycle subculture meets high culture met artists like the countertenor and vocal artist Alex Nowitz, the percussionist Günter Sommer, double bass player Tobias Lampelzammer, soprano Marie Schuppan, the dancer Friederike Plafki and many others together. Here Heike Hennig led an open -organized by a few stage directions, which gave the stage active artists a wide scope for improvisation and artistic interaction. The master student Hagen Wiel transported with his videos opera unplugged from the old world of opera in the new world of the Internet.

On the Culture Island Hall - new theater Heike Hennig developed with the Dutch theater director Paul Binnerts the movement track in the play The Man Who ... ( Brook, Estienne, Sachs ) for the repertoire. In the opera Alcina production for the Handel Festival in Halle ( Saale) 2008 Heike Hennig led choreographed and directed one of the highlights.

In 2008/ 9, the cooperation with the Baroque ensemble Lautten Compagney Berlin, which opened in the dance opera rituals at the Leipzig Opera and in the staging Timeless at the New Museum on the Museum Island Berlin the European musical theater new dimensions began. The reopening of the Neues Museum in March 2009, Heike Hennig and Wolfgang Katschner developed with Timeless an art form of cultural hybridity performing, architecture, dance and music intertwines across genres through to interactivity. The dancers and musicians met in the midst of architecture, structures and sculptures on the peripatetic receptionists. David Chipperfield itself can merge modern and traditional architecture: authentic rooms with tall columns, round ornate rooms with arches and stairs along with modern glass constructions. The staging of music, dance and architecture were metaphorically the hybrid constitution of the new museum as a building and its artistic pluralistic discourse with the outside world through this rich genre opening ceremony again.

In addition to her stage and teaching Heike Hennig has started in 2006 under the patronage of Ursula Cain " Dance in Schools " as all-day activities in Leipzig in life and is engaged in socio-cultural projects. In juries and artistic advisory boards such as the euro -scene Leipzig, Cultural Foundation of Saxony and in the Dresden Cultural Foundation of Dresdner Bank, Heike Hennig recognized for the promotion of contemporary performing arts and music a.

With the program handbook of the Dance Platform Germany 2008 Heike Hennig was inducted into the 50 portraits of the German dance scene. It has emerged through their innovative work and distinct artistic positions and is perceived through the country's borders as "outstanding representative of contemporary dance ." Heike Hennig 2009 traveled at the invitation of the University of British Columbia as "Visit Speaker" to a 3-week lecture tour of Canada. In the winter semester 2013 Heike Hennig was appointed as artistic Visiting Professor at the Institute for Theatre Studies of the University of Leipzig.


  • 2002: Premiere: "strangers" in LOFFT, Leipzig. (Third part of the trilogy )
  • 2002: Premiere: " Soshamma " to euro -scene Leipzig in the stage lime rock Leipzig
  • 2003: Premiere: " Sosha " to Westend unfinished in LOFFT, Leipzig
  • 2003: Premiere: " silent. " In LOFFT, Leipzig
  • 2004: Premiere: " Estha " during the International Dance Week Dresden
  • 2004: Premiere: " Mendel " to the Jewish Cultural Festival in Berlin
  • 2005: Premiere: " Harzer Roller" in the context of contemporary home in the Villa Sieskind, Leipzig
  • 2006: Premiere: "Time - dancing since 1927" Leipzig Opera filmed by Trevor Peters as a dance over time by ma.ja.de film production in coproduction with ZDF and ARTE
  • 2006: Premiere: "Encounters with Bach" to the Thuringian Bach Festival, the German National Theatre Weimar
  • 2006: Premiere: " Twilight " for the dance autumn in the little scene Dresden
  • 2007: Premiere: " Layers of Time " Oper Leipzig
  • 2007: Premiere: " Opera unplugged" No. 1-4 of the cycle " subculture meets high culture", Oper Leipzig
  • 2007: German Language Premiere: " The Man Who ... " Culture Island Hall - new theater
  • 2008: Opera Production: " Alcina " for the Handel Festival in Halle ( Saale)
  • 2008: Premiere: "Solo x-fold - in distance and approach " from the cycle "half- way house for Joseph Beuys " by Bernd Franke in the Grassi Museum, Leipzig
  • 2008: theater production, " Peter Pan" recast by Sven Grunert for the Tollwood Winter Festival, Munich
  • 2009: Premiere: " ritual dance opera for George Frideric Handel " Oper Leipzig unplugged
  • 2009: Premiere: "Timeless in the course of time", music by Tarquinio Merula and Philip Glass, Neues Museum on Museum Island, Berlin
  • 2010: Premiere: " Maria XXX" a dance oratorio for the Handel Festival Halle in the New Theatre Hall
  • 2011: Premiere: " Wagner Installation" systemic staging of the triangular relationship of Richard Wagner, Otto Wesendonck Mathilde Wesendonck and for the Wagner Festival Day Leipzig
  • 2011: Premiere: " Turn! of the gymnastics show on the flash mob " a mass choreography at the Red Bull Arena Leipzig
  • 2011: Premiere: "The fate of Johanna " a scenic staging of the ill-fated love of Johanna Nathalie Schulz born Seyfferth at the Johanna Park Leipzig
  • 2012: Opera Production: " The Cunning Little Vixen " by Leos Janacek in the director's team, led by Lotte de Beer at the Leipzig Opera
  • 2012: Premiere: "Unfortunately, why do you jubelst? " in the director's team, led by Kristof Spiewok at the Leipzig Opera
  • 2012: Premiere: "Total Weight " a play at the Theatre of the Young World Leipzig
  • 2012: theater production: " Human Being Parzival " by Bernhard Studlar free by Eschenbach and Wagner in the director's team, led by Jürgen Zielinski at the Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig
  • 2012: theater production: " Preparadise sorry now" by Rainer Werner Fassbinder directed team led by Wolfgang Maria Bauer on spectacle Leipzig
  • 2012: theater production: " The story of the uncle " by Tomas of Brömssen and Lars -Eric Brossner by Barbro Lindgren at the Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig
  • 2014: Premiere: " Crystal" by Heike Hennig in Leverkusen as a co-production of Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig with Bayer Culture