Heike Lehmann

Stand on 31 May 2012

Heike Weber ( born March 29, 1962 in Neustrelitz, born Heike Lehmann, formerly Heike reason) is a former German volleyball and beach volleyball player.

Sporting career Hall

Heike Weber began with the volleyball at their home club SG Dynamo Neustrelitz -South and played since the late 1970s volleyball at SC Dynamo Berlin, with whom she five times GDR champion and 1985 won the European Champions Cup. With the East German national team she won in 1980 at the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1983 and the silver medal in their own country European champions. After the fall of the GDR, she played in the First and Second Bundesliga at Rudow Berlin, Bavaria other jurisdictions, the first VC Hamburg, SC Long Horn and last until 1998 when TV Fischbek.

With her teammates, she was in 1980 for winning the silver medal at the Olympic Games awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in bronze.

Sporting career Beach

Heike Weber played in the sand from 1992 to 1997 mostly on the side of Andrea Marunde.