Heilbronn League

The Heilbronner Confederation (1633-1635) was a closed during the Thirty Years' War on April 23, 1633 in Heilbronn alliance between Sweden and the Protestant estates of Franconia, Swabia, kurrheinischen and Upper Rhine Imperial Circles.

The Alliance continued the closed of the Evangelical Union Alliance against the imperial league and should ensure the influence of Sweden after the death of Gustavus Adolphus.

This alliance is standing in front of a board of directors, chaired by Count Axel Oxenstierna held. This was a Consilium at formatum called Council, which was composed of three Swedish and seven German assessors.

After the Battle of Nördlingen the army was decisively weakened on 6 September 1634, the significance of the Federal dwindled rapidly. Under the terms of the Peace of Prague Heilbronner covenant was finally dissolved in 1635.