Heinrich Boie

Heinrich Boie ( born May 4, 1794 in Meldorf, Schleswig -Holstein, † September 4, 1827 in Buitenzorg, now Bogor, Indonesia ) was a German zoologist.

Boie, a son of the writer Heinrich Christian Boie (1744-1806), first law in Kiel and Göttingen began to study. Inspired by the lectures of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach in Göttingen and later by Friedrich Tiedemann in Heidelberg he switched to biology. 1821 Coenraad Jacob Temminck appointed him as a curator at the Natural History Museum in Leiden.

Shortly after taking office Boie began writing a Java herpetology, while drawing on Collectibles Carl Reinwardt (1773-1854), Heinrich Kuhl and Johan Coenraad van Hasselt (1797-1823), all members of the Natural History Commission of the Dutch East Indies could support.

After the death of Kuhl Boie was chosen to replace him on Java. There Boie died due to illness. His " herpetology " although he had already been completed before his departure, however, no longer published. It was published in 1826 by his successor, Hermann Schlegel excerpts. Schlegel published beyond letters Boies, in which he had described new species. Henry's brother Friedrich Boie also saw that some articles were published after his death.

  • Zoologist
  • Person ( Dithmarschen )
  • Person ( Dithmar )
  • German
  • Born in 1794
  • Died in 1827
  • Man