Heinrich Christian Boie

Heinrich Christian Boie ( born July 19, 1744 Meldorf, † February 25, 1806 ) was a German poet and editor.


The buoy family belonged in the 18th and 19th centuries, the so-called Pretty families.

Boie was the son of Meldorfer preacher and later provost of Flensburg Johann Friedrich Boie. 1764-1767 He studied law at the University of Jena from 1769 in Göttingen. There he founded together with Friedrich Wilhelm Gotter the literary collection Göttingen Musenalmanach whose sole editor, he was from the year 1770; In 1774 he resigned from the editorial staff. Boie it increasingly for modern literature of his time to open the almanac succeeded. In particular, the Almanac to 1774 became a forum for the new generation of writers. Among the authors were, among others Goethe, Hölty and citizens. The Musenalmanach was in the course of a popular form of publication in the German language area. Boies collection is the cornerstone of the German Almanac culture, which lasted until the early Romantic period. 1776 went Boie as a staff secretary to Hanover. From 1781, he held the office of a provincial governor in southern enlargement Dithmar. He lived since then in Meldorf, where he made friends with the Carsten Niebuhr Arabia researchers.

On September 12, 1772 founded Johann Heinrich Voss, Johann Martin Miller, whose cousin DG Miller, Ludwig Christoph Heinrich Hölty, Johann Friedrich Johann Hahn and Thomas Ludwig weir called Göttingen Hainbund. Boie had gathered around him as a mentor these poets and young men. His Almanac, published annually, the mouthpiece of the Hainbund was.

In the years 1776-1788 Boie was initially together with Christian Wilhelm von Dohm and later alone, the editor of the Deutsches Museum, and from 1789 to 1791 the continuation of this series, the New German museum. The versatile and extensive monthly magazine, there were, among others, literary, philosophical and political treatises. Among the contributors were, for example, Herder, Goethe, and Klopstock. The " German Museum " was an important institution in the history of the German journal publication. Boie translated R. Chandler Travel in Asia Minor and Greece from English.

Boies sister Ernestine (1756-1834) married the poet and Hainbund - founder Johann Heinrich Voss.

Boie himself married in June 1785 Luise Mejer, with whom he had a long-standing ( letter ) friendship, but died a year later at the birth of the first child. His second wife was Sarah in 1788 by Hugo, with whom he had several children ( including twins). The son of Heinrich Boie accompanied an expedition to Java, the elder brother Friedrich was a lawyer and ornithologist.

In Göttingen Boie has lived in the 1769-1776 Barfüßerstraße 16; at the house today is a plaque.