Heinrich Drake

Henry Drake ( born December 20, 1881 in Lemgo, † June 12, 1970 in Detmold ) was a German politician, longtime chairman of the National Bureau of lip, the last state president of the country lip and Schaumburg -Lippe and after its dissolution (1946 ) President of the Government Regierungsbezirk Detmold.


Drake began his professional life with his training as a merchant in a bookstore 1896 until 1899. Afterwards it was until 1903 an employee, then to 1910 Managing Director of the bookstore and book printing FL Wagener in Lemgo. From 1910 he worked as a journalist and negotiation stenographer.

Drake was from 1919 to 1933 managing member, from 1925 Chairman and from 1932 President of Lippe government. After the parliamentary elections on January 15, 1933 his government was replaced by a new, Nazi -led state government. In May 1933 he moved according to the Reichstag, where he remained until June 23. Drake was a member of the SPD since 1906, resigned on June 23, 1933, one day after the ban of the Social Democratic Party, from the party. After 1945, he continued his party membership - as the outlet had not occurred. After the Second World War, he was appointed by the Allies to the national president of the country lip and for a short time of Schaumburg -Lippe. He negotiated with the State of North Rhine -Westphalia on the inclusion of the country lip. In 1947, these negotiations with the Lippischen Punktationen as an agreement between the state government of North Rhine -Westphalia and the state government of the country lip were completed. Drake reached extensive concessions to North Rhine-Westphalia lip in the Punktationen. His initiative, inter alia, the National Association lip thanks to, which was founded to protect lippisches state assets against attack by the State of North Rhine -Westphalia. The move of the district government of Minden to Detmold was fought by Drake as compensation for the loss of sovereignty. For the State of Schaumburg -Lippe, he negotiated the rising of the newly formed state of Lower Saxony. To compensate for the loss of statehood later, the Lower Saxony State Court was established in Biickeburg.

From 1 April 1947 to 1952 Drake was President of the Government of the newly created administrative district of Minden- lip, which was renamed June 2, 1947 in Detmold. His predecessor with the Government in Minden was Paul Zenz. From 1949 to 1952 and from 1956 to 1966 Drake was chairman of the National Association lip.

If only the politicians who were leaders of a country's government after the Second World War, so Drake is one of the few who exercise their ministry with interruption, and the few, which moreover were at the head of the government in two countries, in Drake's case at times even at the same time. Drake is also the only politician in this observation period, in whose term of office two countries ruled by him lost their sovereignty.


The sculptor Henry Drake portrayed the politicians Drake in 1971 in a bust that stands before the Lippischen Landesmuseum in Detmold. Drake was an honorary citizen of Lemgo. There and in Detmold were each a school named in Oerlinghausen a place for him.