Heinrich Friedrich Otto Abel

Heinrich Friedrich Otto Abel ( born January 22, 1824 in Kloster Reichenbach, † October 28, 1854 in Leonberg ) was a German historian.


Beginning in 1842, Otto Abel studied at the universities of Tübingen, Jena, Heidelberg, Bonn and Berlin, majoring in History; Others with Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann and Leopold von Ranke. The former, he dedicated his first work: Macedonia before Philip Leipzig in 1847, in which he proved the Hellenic origin of the Macedonians.

During his studies he became a member of the fraternity Germania Tübingen ( 1842), the fraternity castle cellar Jena (1844 ) and the fraternity Fridericia Bonn (1845 ).

Politically interested and engaged, Abel 1848 was enthusiastic about the revolution, and he gave her in a font: The new German Empire and its Emperor Berlin in 1848, in which he entered for the Prussian Empire, lively expression. His painful disappointment at the behavior of Friedrich Wilhelm IV reflects the published from his estate Theodat font, king of the Ostrogoths (Stuttgart 1855) reflected in their allusions to the present.

By Minister Heinrich Alexander von Arnim Abel came to an appointment in the Prussian diplomatic service, but in 1850 he put this post down again. He settled in Berlin, where he became an employee of the Monumenta Historica Germaniae; he worked for a number of Swabian historical sources of the Hohenstaufen period. In 1851 he qualified as a lecturer of History in Bonn, but succumbed already October 28, 1854 in Leonberg a chest pain.


Abel had made ​​a comprehensive presentation of the history of Emperor Frederick II, the Hohenstaufen, life's work, of which, however, at the early death only the monograph King Philip of Swabia Berlin in 1852, which should serve as an introduction to the work, and the posthumous promising fragment Emperor Otto IV and Frederick II (edited by Wegele, Berlin. 1856) have appeared. The writings were based on thorough research source.

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