Heinrich Joseph Dominicus Denzinger

Heinrich Joseph Dominicus Denzinger ( born November 10, 1819 in Liege, † June 19, 1883 in Würzburg) was a Catholic theologian.

Denzinger was from 1848 professor of New Testament exegesis and since 1854 of Dogmatic Theology at the University of Würzburg. He founded in 1854 the collection of source Enchiridion Symbolorum that until today - more in use - in many revisions. It includes all important for the Catholic theology creeds and ecclesiastical teaching documents on matters of faith and morals.

In the liturgy still used a lot is edited by Denzinger collection with Latin translation Eastern Christian texts for the celebration of the sacraments: rites Orientalium, Coptorum, Syrorum et Armenorum ( 2 vols, Würzburg, 1863-1864. ).