Heinrich Rohrer

Heinrich Rohrer ( born June 6 1933 Buchs SG, † May 16 2013 in Wollerau ) was a Swiss physicist. He was next to Ernst Ruska in 1986, together with Gerd Binnig for the design of the scanning tunneling microscope, the Nobel Prize for physics. In the same year he was appointed IBM Fellow.

After his school days Rohrer wrote in the fall of 1951 at the ETH Zurich in physics one, " by chance ," as he says in his autobiography. His basic training in physics, he graduated there with Wolfgang Pauli and Paul Scherrer. From 1955 Rohrer developed his thesis at the Chair of Jörgen Lykke Olsen over the length of superconductors on the magnetic field -induced superconducting transition.

In 1963, Rohrer at the IBM Research Center in Rüschlikon, where he developed the scanning tunneling microscope together with Gerd Binnig, after work on Kondosysteme and GdAlO3 until 1982.

For his research Rohrer received numerous other awards and honorary doctorates from various universities in Europe, the USA and Asia.

2011 in Rüschlikon the common Nanotechnology Centre of ETH Zurich and IBM, was opened Binnig and Rohrer received the name Nanotechnology Center in honor of the two " fathers of nanotechnology ."

Writings (selection )

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  • Patent CH643397: Scanning apparatus for surface analysis using vacuum - tunnel effect at cryogenic temperatures applications ( device for grid-like surface investigation by taking advantage of the vacuum tunneling effect at cryogenic temperatures). Remember September 20, 1979 Applicant: IBM, inventor Gerd Binnig, Heinrich Rohrer.
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