Heinz Hanus

Heinz Hanus ( born May 24, 1882 in Vienna, Austria - Hungary, † March 16, 1972 in Bad Aussee, Austria ) was one of the first Austrian film directors and screenwriters in the silent film era. Occasionally, he also played small film roles.


His professional activities have started the son of a Seidenhutmachers as pattern makers and designers for silk fabrics. By the way he played in private theater groups. Because of a ink poisoning he had to give up his first job. He made ​​his money from now on as an architectural draftsman, among other things, the French embassy in Vienna under the architect GP Chédune, and from 1906 as a professional theater actor. He played about 1909 on the side of " Goethe privy " Egon Friedell the " bad students Züst " in " Goethe " in the famous Viennese Cabaret Fledermaus in Kärntner Straße, which was equipped by artists of the Wiener Werkstätte.

1907 was also when Hanus had claims to know the future director and producer Anton Kolm the Vienna Café " Dobner ". He had asked the experienced actor Hanus to cooperate in its first production, " From stage to stage ." This film is to be published in 1908 in Viennese cinemas and have been the first full-length feature film by the Austrian film history 35 minutes of play. However, in contrast to the other productions of that time was not even in newspapers or in one of the two already existing film magazines a reference to a performance of this film find. And, although the film with 35 minutes playing time would have been a sensation. The Austrian Film Archive, despite the best efforts find no other evidence - such as the various other productions of the same this time - because find much evidence of Hanus ' comments in the interviews from later decades.

Also, because of for this time unusually large game length would have also drawn a correspondingly high level of capital expenditure by itself, where the supposed producer Anton Kolm has yet fought in the later, proven, productions he founded in 1910 first Austrian movie industry notoriously with a lack of capital, this is assertion strongly to doubt. The content of the film, a love story, though could Hanus describe nor accurate even decades later, in interviews, and in a later production, he played an exclusive scene from the film "after", but these are in this love story anyway to a multiple verfilmtes and well-known play.

But even without this production Hanus was one of the pioneers of Austrian film. In addition to the film, he also worked as a theater director in many smaller towns of the monarchy. In 1922, he was the initiator and founding member of the Federal film, an association representing the interests of all the Austrian filmmakers.

Many of his films he directed at the Vienna Astoria movie. This had the only Austrian film company on its own animation department. Some of the cartoons that were mixed with real game footage, he directed the real recordings.

With his brother Emmerich, the contact was limited. The two were rather in a race, as that they had worked together. After Heinz Hanus had become member of the NSDAP in 1938 and accepted the political interference of the Nazis, the personal contact took another from further since Emmerich did not want to be brought into the vicinity of the National Socialist ideas.

His brother was the director Emmerich Hanus.