Heinz-Helmut Wehling

Heinz -Helmut Wehling ( born August 9, 1950 in Bad Frankenhausen ) is a former German wrestler.


Wehling coached until 1976 when ASK forward Rostock and from 1977 at ASK Vorwärts Frankfurt / Oder. The fighting in Greco-Roman wrestling athletes achieved at the Olympic Games in 1972 after the final defeat by the Bulgarians Georgi Markov, the silver medal in the featherweight. Four years later took Wehling at lightweight at the 1976 Olympic Games, a bronze medal.

In featherweight Wehling occupied at the World Championships 1970 4th Place, 1971 6th Place. After starting at lightweight, he won bronze in 1973 and silver in 1974 at the World Cup. At the World Championships from 1975 Wehling was fifth. In 1977 he was World Champion in 1978 and occupied the sixth place.

Wehling 1970 European champion at featherweight. At the European Championships in 1974 he won the Lightweight Bronze, 1976 and 1979 occupied the fourth and Wehling 1977 sixes place. In addition, Wehling was in the years 1973-1975, 1977 and 1978 DDR champion and 1979 runner-up in the lightweight, and 1971 and 1972 GDR champion and 1970 runner- featherweight champion.

According to the sports historian Gislher Spitzer Wehling was among the first East German athletes, which targeted drug was used as part of the Ringer World Cup 1979 for the first time.

Wehling worked in Trier in a daily pain clinic. There he was responsible for physical fitness through Nordic walking and endurance training. He now operates an integrated in a gym, physiotherapy practice in Waghaeusel (Baden). He has a further practice in Rhineland- Palatinate.