Heinz Hoenig


Heinz Hoenig was the son of a crane operator and grew up in Harlingerode on the resin, made an apprenticeship as a locksmith worked as a silversmith, carpenters, snack employees and as a street worker for the anti -drug project release in Berlin. After a guest appearance from John Allen's Theatre of All Possiblites he went with Allen to America to get acting lessons from him. From 1972 to 1974 he lived at Allen's Farm in Santa Fe. Back in Germany he played at Berlin's Grips- Theater and was seen in 1976 in the cinema and on television.

First gained attention Hoenig by Wolfgang Petersen's movie Das Boot 1981, in which he played the radio operator. In The Great Bell Home located Hoenig 1992 proved in the role of unscrupulous speculators Rottmann as a character actor and acted as an evil opponent to Mario Adorf in the award-winning four-part series about a fictitious trading company. Occasionally he also works in international productions. In between, he constantly plays theater, so 1986 in the Sam Shepard play Fool For Love in Zurich.

Heinz Hoenig is the founder of the initiative Heinz the Bull, an organization taking care of the mentally traumatized children and adolescents, and these invites for an adventure holiday to Majorca and media education measures in the resin to give them new horizons for their future careers, to open up. For this commitment, in 2005 he was honored by the laughter of children and Child Award. The donations for the bull Heinz managed by the German Children's Aid Society directly.

In 2003, his book My freedom I'll take me. Hoenig was married since 1988 and has two children. On March 25, 2012 his wife died at the age of 52 years.