Hela Province

Hela is one of the 21 provinces of Papua New Guinea. In the 10,500 km ² province over 350,000 inhabitants living (as of 2010). Capital is Tari with about 8,000 inhabitants.

Hela was born 17 May 2012 as a spin of the districts Komo Magarima, Koroba -Lake Kopiago and Tari - Pori from the Province of Southern Highlands.

Hela was part of the German colony of German New Guinea.

The neighboring provinces are Sandaun and East Sepik in the north, the east Enga, Southern Highlands to the south and Western in the West.


The province is very rich natural gas. As part of Papua LNG Project Newguinea several natural gas fields ( Hides, Kutubu, etc.) are to be developed and connected via a new pipeline to the coast. By construction, many small farmers who had farmed their cause in accordance with customary law, were expropriated. There are always complaints that the current flowing into the province in the project funds are not distributed fairly.

Districts and LLGs

The Hela Province is divided into three districts. Each district consists of one or more distinguish " areas at the local administrative level ," Local Level Government ( LLG ) areas which in Rural (rural ) or urban ( urban) LLGs.