Helen Sharman

  • I Juno   Soyuz TM -11 TM-12/Sojus (1991 )

Helen Patricia Sharman, OBE (* May 30, 1963 in Sheffield, United Kingdom) is a former British spaceflight. She was the first person from the UK who participated in a space flight.


After visiting the Jordan Thorpe Comprehensive School in Sheffield Sharman studied at the University of Sheffield Chemistry and earned the Bachelor 1984. She later completed at Birkbeck College, University of London doctoral degrees in the natural sciences. After her studies, she worked at General Electric and then at the candy manufacturer Mars Confectionery Ltd.

In the summer of 1989, Sharman applied to a radio spot towards the first British astronaut for a commercial Soviet- British mission and was selected on 25 November 1989, 13,000 applicants. After a one and a half years of training in Star City near Moscow Helen Sharman was launched on May 18 in 1991 along with two Soviet cosmonauts from Baikonur to a nearly six-day stay on the Soviet space station Mir. Your responsibilities there included experiments in the fields of medicine, agricultural science and cartography. In addition, Sharman gave a lesson that was transferred directly into British classrooms.

1992 and 1998 was (this time for ESA ) nominated, but not included Helen Sharman of Great Britain for more space flights.

She now works as a television commentator and lecturer.

Sharman is single and has no children.


Helen Sharman was appointed in 1993 for her services as an officer of the Order of the British Empire.

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  • Helen Sharman suffered during their stay on the Mir to a kind of " space dust allergy" and sneezed on average twenty times per hour.
  • Helen Sharman is the 15th woman in space, the first non -American and non - Soviet citizen.
  • Helen Sharman, the first British citizen in space. Among the few personal things she was allowed to take on their flight, included a photo of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Helen Sharman's hobbies are sports and motorcycling.
  • Because of their employment with the candy maker Mars, it was jokingly called the Girl From Mars.