Helena Makowska

Helena Makowska ( born March 2, 1893 in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine as Helena Woyniewicz; † August 22, 1964 in Rome) was a Polish actress.


The daughter of the Polish engineer Ludwik Woyniewicz and his wife Stanislava born Sauret 1903 moved with his parents from the Ukraine, where her father worked for a mining company, to Warsaw. There she attended high school and received first theater roles.

Helena Makowska went to Milan in 1912, where she was known as a theater actress. Similar successes they could be recorded in the Italian silent film. From 1917 to 1922 she lived in Rome, after which they settled in Munich. She starred in several German silent films play important roles, but was forced to leave Germany in 1925 as a Polish citizen. Then fluctuated mostly between Poland and Italy, and had stage performances in Milan, Warsaw and Krakow. That's when an alleged affair with the Italian Crown Prince Umberto.

After the invasion of the Wehrmacht in Poland, she was arrested on 17 November 1939 in Warsaw by the Gestapo and deported in 1940 as a British citizen to Berlin. As part of a prisoner exchange, she received only in April 1943, the release, after which they settled in England. There she played in the theater ensemble of the Polish Army, with whom she toured later in France, Belgium and Northern Germany. From 1947 she lived again in Rome, taught foreign languages ​​and took small movie roles.

Her first husband in 1909, the lawyer Julian Makowski, her second at the beginning of the twenties, the German actor Karl Falkenberg. In Italy some years later married the Englishman Botteril.