Helga Niessen Masthoff

Helga Masthoff, born Niessen ( born November 11, 1941 in Essen) is a former German tennis player.

She was the most successful German tennis player after the war, until the times of Sylvia Hanika early eighties. 1968 at the Olympic Games in Mexico when tennis was a demonstration event, she won in the women's singles and women's doubles gold in the mixed doubles and the silver medal. Your biggest international successes followed were the victories at the German Open 1972 to 1974, while Martina Navratilova defeated in the finals in 1974, and the final attendance at the French Open, when in 1970 she was beaten only in the finale of the stronger Margaret Smith Court. In the Federation Cup, she stood with Germany in 1966 and in 1970 in the final, which was lost in each case.


  • Champion German Cup women's singles: 1965, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1975-1978
  • German champion championship women's doubles: 1968, 1970-74 ( with Heath Orth ), 1975-1979 ( with Katja Ebbinghaus )
  • Champion German Championship Mixed: 1964 ( with Sanders ), 1969-1972 ( with Hans -Jürgen Pohmann )