Helge Ingstad

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Helge Ingstad was born in Trøndelag and grew up in Bergen. In the 20s, he studied law and worked for several years as a lawyer in Levanger, before he decided to change his life and to draw for four years as a trapper in Canada. East of the Great Slave Lake of Ingstad Creek was named after him. His 1931 book published Pelsjegerliv ( My life in the wilderness ) reported that time and became a bestseller.

1932 Ingstad went into politics and was elected governor ( Sysselmann ) by Eirik Raudes country in East Greenland. The area, which is not identical with that in which Erik the Red had actually settled was briefly occupied by Norway. After Norway had to return on April 5, 1933, Denmark 's territory after a ruling by the International Court of Justice in The Hague, he was for two years Governor of the Province of Svalbard. There he also met his future wife, Anne Stine Moe, an archaeologist studied, and married her in 1941. The marriage produced a daughter Benedicte emerged, which was also an archaeologist.

L' Anse aux Meadows

In the late 1950s Ingstad had begun the search for the Vinland Leif Eriksson. As the only source of his sagas and the secondary literature had served it. A closer study Ingstad was also met with the records of the Newfoundland William Azariah Munn, who in 1914 suggested a settlement in Newfoundland, which ultimately was not 20 kilometers from the specified Munn.

Instead of following this advice Ingstad initially had the entire east coast of Canada and the northern United States searched before he was finally out in Newfoundland by a fisherman to some ruins that until Indian origin at this time. Excavations confirmed soon suspect that it was a settlement of European origin in these ruins. The couple Ingstad had thus provided evidence for the truth of the sagas.

Last years

In the following years, Helge Ingstad was primarily concerned with the evaluation of the material and the writing of books and a play. He died 101 years old in Oslo and was given a state funeral in which the Norwegian State Minister Jens Stoltenberg held the grave speech and also the Norwegian King Harald V and Queen Sonja were present.


Especially in the 1930s to 1950erJahren undertook several expeditions Ingstad:





  • Klondyke Bill, 1941, as German Klondike Bill


  • Siste båt, premiered in 1946


Songs of the Nunamiut - Collection of Ingstads photos and audio recordings of Inuit songs from his time in Alaska