The Bright Stream from the bridge Kärntener road seen in Recklinghausen north.

The Bright Stream is a right tributary of the Emscher. It originates in the area of ​​Recklinghausen downtown where he piped flows underground. To the east of Recklinghausen Old enters the creek to days and is straightened out and concreted open. It flows in a southerly direction through the districts of Hillerheide, Grullbad and Recklinghausen Süd. There, the street name reminds On the bright Becke at the historic Low German name of the stream. In Hillerheide district of Breuskes mill creek from the right in the Hell Bach opens a. The mouth of Hell Bach in the Emscher is situated on the outskirts of Herne, opposite Herne Baukau. The length of the stream is 6.7 km, with 10 km tributaries.

Until the closure of the colliery General Blumenthal shaft 1 and 2 in 2003, he served mainly the sanitation of the mine and the Recklinghauser urban area. The city of Recklinghausen and the Emschergenossenschaft intend to renature the Hell creek within the project conversion of the Emscher system by 2012 and to widen the riverbed. For this purpose, a separation of the remaining waste water from the source and rainwater is required. In addition, an effective flood protection in the dense settlement area must be ensured. For these purposes, a 1.4 km long sewer parallel to the stream and a retention basins were built since 2005 in the middle reaches.