Hellenic Petroleum


  • Anastasios Giannitsis ( Chairman )
  • Ioannis Kostopoulos ( CEO)

Hellenic Petroleum walked out of the formerly state-owned Public Petroleum Corporation SA 1998 (DEP ) produced. The main activities are the processing and distribution of petroleum products and crude oil production. More are in the field of electricity and the production of plastic granules. The company is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange in Athex Composite Share Price Index.

Hellenic Petroleum operates three refineries in Greece (Thessaloniki, Elefsina and Aspropyrgos ) and one in Macedonia ( Skopje). The retail network includes approximately 1175 of total 8000 stations (under the name EKO ) in Greece and other countries in Albania, Macedonia and Georgia. 2008 were adopted Opet Aygaz Bulgaria EAD ( " OAB " ), which operates more new stations in Bulgaria and has new facilities in Sofia.

Also be entertained at airports, and a few LPG stations and tank farms in Greece 23 tanks.


State activities in the petroleum sector date back to 1907, but until 1958 the State Oil Company (DEP ) was founded with investment in Aspropirgos. After the fall of the military junta to Esso withdrew from Greece, as they now stand as one of the main supporters in a bad light. The DEP took over the refinery in Thessaloniki and the filling station network. In 1998, the DEP has been renamed and privatized in Hellenic Petroleum. Since then, it has grown from a national company for major oil company South Eastern Europe.