Hellmut Krug

Hellmut Krug ( born May 19, 1956 in Gelsenkirchen) was until June 2, 2007 Head of Football Referee Department at the German Football Association ( DFB). Since 1 October 2007, he is an advisor to the DFL German Football League in matters of refereeing.

Hellmut Krug studied at the Ruhr- University Bochum teaching sports and Greek. He graduated from the state exam. In Paderborn, he then took a job as a high school teacher.

His home club is the SG Eintracht Gelsenkirchen eV The referee Hellmut Krug for career began as a 28- year-old in 1984 at the DFB. It derived from the 1985/86 season games of the 2nd Bundesliga. In the Bundesliga, he whistled 1986-2003 240 games. In addition, Hellmut Krug led the 1996 DFB Cup final in 1994 and was, in 1999, 2002 and 2003 voted Referee of the Year.

He was appointed by the International Football Association 1991 FIFA referee. By 2001, he was allowed to whistle 29 matches for FIFA. He was referee at the soccer World Cup in 1994 and at the European Football Championship 1996. Internationally, he also directed 40 European games. Highlights were doing the Supercup 1994 final, the UEFA Champions League final in 1998 and the World Cup final in 1999.

From 2003 he worked at the DFB in the referee training. In football betting scandal in 2005 he criticized the observation system of arbitrators by the DFB as immature.

He was released in 2007 from the post of head of the DFB referee after he launched the Chairman of the DFB referee committee, Volker Roth from his position and had intended to put in place the former FIFA referee Lutz Michael Fröhlich. Although he was offered another job at the DFB, he decided to leave the DFB July 31, 2007.