Hello, Dolly! (Musical)

Hello, Dolly! is a musical with music and song texts by Jerry Herman; wrote the book Michael Stewart. The musical is produced David Merrick, directed and choreographed by Gower Champion took over. The role of Dolly Levi was Ethel Merman intended for that rejected, however, so that Carol Channing was occupied. The premiere took place on January 16, 1964 at the St. James Theatre in New York. The production was extremely successful and experienced 2844 performances.

In London's West End, the musical premiered on December 2, 1965 at the Drury Lane Theatre; played the leading role Mary Martin. The German -language premiere ( Hello, Dolly! ) Was held on November 26, 1966 in the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus place in a production by Jean -Pierre Ponnelle. The translation is by Robert Gilbert; over the musical direction took Klaus Doldinger. The first German Dolly was of Tatjana Ivanov embodies (as Dolly Vasilyeva, not Dolly Levi ).

Based Upon

The literary work of Thornton Wilder goes back to the one-act farce " A Day Well Spent " the Englishman John Oxenford, which premiered in 1834 in London and the Viennese author Johann Nepomuk Nestroy 1842 the musical comedy " A joke he wants to make " has been adapted had. Wilder moved the action in the then rural area of New York and made ​​it into the play " The Merchant of Yonkers ". The figure is not included in the template of Dolly Levy is Wilders invention and of the matchmaker Frosine from Molière's " The Miser " inspired. " The Merchant of Yonkers " at the theater was successful, but Wilder wrote it and published it in 1955 to new under the title " The Matchmaker ".

The plot

The self-reliant and miserly Horace Vander funds from the then rural Yonkers says that he should marry well but, and decreases with the matchmaker Dolly Levi, which itself is widowed, contact. This gives him an appointment with a milliner in New York, he also perceives. As he leaves, he sharpens Barnaby and Cornelius, the two employees of his trading business a to guard the store well. These, however, are happy to spend a day to escape his strict regiment, and decide to take a trip to New York.

By chance, they meet Dolly Levi, who takes the bewildered Hicks under her wing, without knowing that they are employees of their client Vander funds. They land in the hat shop, whose proprietor is arranged as a result Dolly mediation with Vander funds. Vander funds meets once a there; Barnaby and Cornelius can hide and remain undetected. While Vander Gelder's appointment quickly coming to an end due to its harshness, see Barnaby and Cornelius favor of two young milliners, they encounter in the business. Dolly now has all efforts to comfort the owner of Hutgeschäfts and teach the two young men a minimum of urban manners. You master these tasks and then pulls back, because she has noticed that she herself developed an interest in Vander funds, although it is difficult for her to even admit it. Finally, she invites Vander funds into an elegant restaurant, where she was formerly a regular guest and is appreciated by the entire staff ( the dramatic "hook " of the title song ).

Is exactly where it has also drawn Barnaby and Cornelius who want to impress their new friends from the hat shop, but must soon realize that they can not afford the prices there. When trying to make a hasty retreat, they encounter Vander funds, which it confronts and then angrily strikes Dolly, the first of it very clearly says that she thinks he is an obnoxious guy. Vander money is on his way home, but Dolly has now noticed that they Vander funds loves despite its repellent nature and, moreover, no longer wants to live longer alone. She drives him according to Yonkers and confesses her love for him. Vander funds is very excited about this amazingly, and can even move from Dolly to forgive Cornelius and Barnaby.

Musical numbers

Without limitation, Reprises

  • Call On Dolly ( Come to Dolly )
  • I Put My Hand In ( I was always a woman who likes ' which arranged)
  • It Takes A Woman ( You need a mistress )
  • Put On Your Sunday Clothes ( Put on your Sunday clothes on )
  • Ribbons Down My Back ( Colorful ribbons I wear the hat )
  • Motherhood ( maternity march )
  • Before the Parade Passes By (I do not let the music over)
  • Elegance ( Elegance )
  • The Waiter 's Gallop ( Gallop waiter )
  • Hello, Dolly! ( Hello, Dolly )
  • The Polka Contest - originally Come and Be My Butterfly
  • It Only Takes a Moment ( It can often be a moment )
  • So Long Dearie ( Farewell, darling)
  • Final


In German-speaking countries, especially the film version will be aware that in 1969 produced and directed by Gene Kelly. Actress of the title role was Barbra Streisand, her partner Walter Matthau; in another starring role later Phantom of the Opera star Michael Crawford; in a guest appearance Louis Armstrong can be seen and heard.


Tony Awards 1964

  • Best Musical
  • Best Actress
  • Best Stage
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best choreography
  • Best Musical Director
  • Best Musical Director

Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 2002 for the recording of the 1964 production