Hello (Lionel Richie song)

Hello is a pop ballad by Lionel Richie from 1984, which was written by him from him, and James Anthony Carmichael produced. The single release was Richie's third number-one hit in the U.S. as a solo artist.


The song wrote Lionel Richie originally for his debut album, Lionel Richie. At the urging of his wife Brenda Richie and production assistant Rita Hello Leigh was not included on this album, but only on Richie's second album Can not Slow Down, which was released in October 1983. In a story in " Channel 4 's Top 100 Number One Hits " revealed Richie that he allowed himself to be inspired when writing the songs of timid men who try to make her lover to marry him.

Hello was released worldwide on 13 February 1984 as the third single from the album and became a number -one hit in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium.

A few months after the publication arose Marjorie Hoffmann White lawsuit against Lionel Richie for copyright infringement. They claimed that Richie had used the melody of their songs written in 1978 I'm Not Ready to Go, demanded $ 1 million compensation payment of all royalties and a court order that Richie forbade public performance of the song. 1985 Richie was sued by songwriter Guy Thompson, he argued that Hello written by him and Richie's agent had received 1980 demo footage of him in the summer. Both lawsuits were unsuccessful.

Music Video

The corresponding music video led Bob Giraldi Director, who took over the government even when Running with the Night. In the music video Richie plays an art teacher who is in a blind art student (played by Laura Carrington, an actress who is not blind ) has fallen in love. She feels the same for him and reflects this by nachformt his head as a bust. At the end of the video he discovers this. The video won the 1985 American Music Award for best music video.

Cover versions

In the movie Jungfrau ( 40), male, looking ... and in the episode Stewie kills Lois from Family Guy could hear the song.