Hello world program

# include   int main ( void) {      puts (" Hello World! ");      return 0; } Hello world program in C language A Hello World program is a small computer program which is intended to show the simplest possible way, which statements or parts for a complete program in a programming language are required, and thus gives a first insight into the syntax. Is the task of the program, the text Hello World! or in English Hello World! issue. Because of the simple tasks, such programs are particularly suitable for didactic purposes.


The use of the text " Hello world! " Which can also be replaced by any text, but is still likely to be used unchanged, is a tradition, dating back to an internal programming manual of the Bell Laboratories on the C programming language, the Brian Kernighan in 1974 wrote after he had been there a year earlier used the words " hello " and " world" in an introduction to the programming language B. But became famous for the text only through the publication in the book The C Programming Language ( German: Programming in C) by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie, even if the spelling " hello, world" was used in the local instance.