Helmut Rahner

Helmut Rahner ( born March 29, 1971 in Weingarts ) is a German former football player.


His career began in the 1.81 m tall defender, also known as Helmut " Alu" Rahner, at his home club DJK Weingarts in the youth team.

About the B- and A- youth teams of the 1st FC Nuremberg 1990, he joined as a junior hoping to blue and white 90 Berlin. Only a year later switching to Bayer 05 Uerdingen followed, where he was transferred together with Thomas Adler and Alexander Kutschera. With this club Rahner was promoted to the first division. In the next few years he developed under coach Friedhelm glitter -team regular in central defense. Rahner was known for his hard, rustic style of play, which he himself described as " honest work ." In Krefeld the fans still come into raving, when speaking of "Bright " Rahner. In 1993 Rahner part with the Bundeswehr 's national team at the World Military Championship in Morocco and finished third.

1996/97 he moved to Scotland during the season for FC Kilmarnock and played for a short time in Italy at Reggina Calcio. It remained, however, in these two short interludes foreign and Helmut Rahner continued his career at the 1 FC Nuremberg, Preußen Münster and Rot-Weiss Essen. Due to various sports injuries and a bacterial infection of the ankle due to an operation he had his active career in 2003 and was quit sports invalid. From 2004 to June 2012 was Rahner on the coaching staff of the 1st FC Nuremberg active in the youth field for the A- and B- youth.

Rahner is since 2013/2014 season coach of the country's division club TSV Nuremberg Book 1921 eV and continues to youth coordinator for SpVgg Steinach Basic 2012 eV.