Helsingin Sanomat

Helsingin Sanomat ( Helsinki News ) is the top-selling and most influential daily newspaper in Finland.

Its circulation in the first half of 2003 439 618 copies on Sundays at 500 269. It is read by more than three -quarters of the population in the Helsinki region and from one in four Finns. Most of the readers Helsingin Sanomat refers Subscription, which makes claims to be the largest subscription newspaper in Northern Europe.

The newspaper is published daily, with few exceptions (for example, not by Vappu or midsummer ), Fridays it lies the event and television supplement Nyt ( Now) at. On the first Sunday of the month subscribers will receive the once published in magazine form in month Monthly supplement Kuukausiliite, which is highly appreciated for the quality of its reportage and photojournalistic work.

Helsingin Sanomat sees itself as non-partisan and independent newspaper. It was founded in 1889 as Päivälehti ( daily paper ) and has been published since 1904 under its present title. From time immemorial, it is a family of publishing dynasty Erkko. Today it belongs to the media group Sanoma, which also publishes the biggest tabloid in the country, Ilta - Sanomat.

Like many other subscription newspapers Helsingin Sanomat in Finland has a title page, which consists entirely of advertisements.

Many years working for Helsingin Sanomat Among the journalists belonged to the also published in Germany Harri Nykänen writer.