Helvetia Insurance

Helvetia is a pan-European Swiss insurance company. The company is organized as a holding structure since 1996. The seat of Helvetia Group is located in St. Gallen.

Extension of Helvetia Group on the Girtannersberg, St. Gallen.

Since September 2006, the Helvetia appears throughout Europe a uniform.

Corporate Structure

The company employs about 4,900 people and operates in addition to Switzerland and in Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Spain. Worldwide, the company operates as reinsurance.

Holding company of the Helvetia Group Helvetia Holding AG, whose registered shares on the Swiss Exchange SIX Swiss Exchange are listed. Largest shareholder of the insurance group is the Patria cooperative with a share of 30 percent.

Economic data

( Helvetia Holding)


1858 Helvetia is founded as " General Insurance Company Helvetia" in St. Gallen. As the first company in Switzerland, it offers insurance against the dangers of the land, river and sea transport. Three years later, created in St. Gallen own private fire insurance company with the name "Helvetia fire ." Reason for this is the fire of Glarus.

Throughout its history, the Helvetia expanded to all five continents, and thus laid the foundation for the business outside of Switzerland. 1862 founded the first fire Helvetia offices in Germany and expanded from 1876 in the U.S., where it opened stores in California and New York. Between 1920 and 1962 more subsidiaries of Helvetia, France, Italy, Greece emerged ( sold in 1997 ), the Netherlands ( sold in 1995 ) and Canada ( sold in 1999 ). In Austria the history of Helvetia goes back to the founding of " The ANCHOR, company of life and pensions " in 1858. By 2006, the Helvetia Austria changed its name under this name. The establishment of subsidiaries in Spain, Italy and Germany took place in the years 1986 to 1988.

1968, includes the " General Insurance Company Helvetia" with the "Helvetia accident " and the " Helvetia Leben " together. The medium-sized Insurance Group now offers the full range of life and non-life business. 1974 merge Helvetia Helvetia General fire and then to Helvetia fire. On 11 October 1988, the shareholders decide at an extraordinary general meeting of the twins ' Helvetia Fire "and" Helvetia accident » the complete separation of the two partner companies. The "Helvetia accident " takes the name " Elvia ", the already wears her acting as a travel insurer subsidiary. The "Helvetia fire " becomes " Helvetia Insurance " renamed and given a new control and appearance. The three-dimensional triangle is introduced.

Helvetia Patria and

1996, the Company merged with the traditional Basler life insurers Patria. The beginnings of the Patria go back to the establishment of the "Basler mortality and age - Checkout " in 1878. The non-profit pension fund insured for the first time the life of socially disadvantaged people with a view actual national insurance. After several name changes and mergers in 1910, the " Swiss Life Insurance Company Patria ". 1992 Helvetia and Patria decide in the future to edit the Swiss market together and have formed a strategic alliance. In June 1996 the Helvetia Patria Holding arises.

Further development

In 2010, the Swiss Helvetia bought the insurance companies ' Alba General Insurance Company Ltd " ( Alba ) and " Phenix Insurance Company Ltd "and the" Phenix Life Insurance Company Ltd " (Phenix ). The Alba-/Phenix-Portfolio in the field Kranken-/Unfallversicherung was sold to the two insurance companies innova and Solida.

National companies

Head of Helvetia Austria in Vienna.

Head of Helvetia Germany in Frankfurt.

Head of Helvetia France in Paris.

Head of Helvetia Italy in Milan.

Head of Helvetia Spain in Seville.

The company has the following national companies:

  • Helvetia Switzerland with headquarters in Basel
  • Helvetia Austria, headquartered in Vienna
  • Helvetia Germany with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main
  • Helvetia France is headquartered in Courbevoie in the northwest of the metropolitan area of Paris
  • Helvetia Italy, with headquarters in Milan
  • Helvetia Spain, with headquarters in Seville