Hemel Hempstead

Hemel Hempstead is a town in the English county of Hertfordshire and the administrative seat of the district of Dacorum. It exists as a settlement since the 8th century. In the city of 81 143 ( as of 2001) living inhabitants. On December 11, 2005, in the Buncefield fuel storage depot near the town of a heavy explosion that brought Hemel Hempstead in the international headlines occurred.


Hemel Hempstead ( locally known as Hemel ) lies between the rivers Gade and Bulbourne about 43 kilometers north-west of central London. The "West Coast Main Line" from London to the Midlands passes through the station of Hemel Hempstead. Cross runs to the Grand Union Canal. These two compounds as well as the highway A41 follow the natural course of Bulbourne Valley. Hemel Hempstead is connected on the east with the M1 Motorway. The M25 motorway is a few miles south of town. In the north and west, some villages and forests are scattered. In the south, Watford is located in the East and St Albans.

Origin of the name

The name is attributed to the entry Hamelamesede from the Domesday Book. Over time, it was Hamelhamsted. Hemel probably goes back to Haemele, the name of a landowner in the area from the 8th century. It is believed that Hempstead Homestead ( home town ) is coming.

The tank farm fire

In the early morning hours of 11 December 2005, the Buncefield depot came near the M1 motorway on fire. This was caused by a defective level indicator, and one of the tanks, which had been replenished through the night from a pipeline. She pointed at a certain point to no change in level more, although the pump still crowded. This led to overcrowding with slow spilling the contents through an overfill control. By turbulence occurred apparently self-ignition of the vapors, whereby the contents of the first tank has been ignited. He burst with a massive explosion that triggered more explosions. Overall, successively fell 20 tanks on fire. It was one of the biggest fires in Europe since the Second World War. The personal injuries were limited, there were three serious injuries. In contrast, the contamination of air, water and soil were massive, even long-term health consequences can not be ruled out.


Sons and daughters of the town