Hemsloh ( Low German: Hemzel ) is a municipality in the district of Diepholz in Lower Saxony.

Hemsloh is part of the integrated municipality Rehden.

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Geographical Location

Hemsloh is between the nature park Dumber and the Natural Park Geest approximately midway between Bremen and Osnabrück. The community belongs to the Samtgemeinde Rehden, which has its headquarters in the town of Rehden. To the municipality of Kellenberg belongs with its vast forest areas and the districts Mackenstedt and Rodemühlen.


For the first time the church was mentioned in records in 1238.


Parish council

The municipal council of Hemsloh consists of nine council women and councilors.

  • WGH 9 seats

(As at municipal election on September 11, 2011)


The honorary mayor Friedrich Sande ring was first elected on 24 November 2011.

Coat of arms

The community Hemsloh leads not own coat of arms. Usually, the coat of arms of the velvet municipality Rehden used.

Culture and sights


In Hemsloh there are two windmills and a watermill in Rodemühlen.

Nature Reserves

The nature reserves Rehdener Geest and bog Rehdener Geest bog regeneration area, which lie in the south of the municipality, are together about 1.800 hectares.

Economy and infrastructure


The municipality is located south near the federal highway 214 which leads from Diepholz to Nienburg / Weser.