Hendrik -Ido- Ambacht ( listen? / I ) is a large village and civil parish of the Dutch province of South Holland and counted on 1 January 2013 as declared by the CBS 28 631 inhabitants. Their total area is 11.99 km ².

Location and economic

As among other neighboring Papendrecht and Zwijndrecht the southern arm of the Rhine lies the community on the North, opposite Dordrecht, on the river island IJsselmonde. This " Drechtsteden " have a community association for cultural and economic cooperation closed. Hendrik -Ido- Ambacht is connected by a tunnel with Alblasserwaard. The A15 and A16 Rotterdam - Dordrecht are very close. A railway line for passenger traffic, there is not; the route of the Betuweroute leads through a tunnel under the village.

Hendrik -Ido- Ambacht is primarily a commuter town. Many residents work in the surrounding cities, including Rotterdam and Dordrecht. At the edge of the village there are still some agriculture. In the village since the end of the 19th century is a work that is processed scrapped ships.


The place derives its unusual name Hendrik van Brederode, who decided in 1331 as Ambachtsherr, embank the river island IJsselmonde, and Hendrik Ydo Witten, who was involved in financing the project.


  • Germany Bergen ( Landkreis Celle), Germany

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Roeland Pruijssers (* 1989), chess player