Church of Henggart

Henggart is a municipality in the district of Andelfingen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.

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Henggart located between Winterthur and Schaffhausen, in the Zürcher Weinland. It belongs to the agglomeration area of the city of Winterthur.

The neighboring municipalities are Dägerlen, Hettlingen, Humlikon and Neftenbach.



Mayor is Jürg F. Walser, other members of the council are Ulrich Pfister ( 1.Vizepräsident ), Gertrud Winkler, Thomas Sawires, Martin Schönberger (2010 ).


The first traces of settlement have been found in the church, they come from the Roman period. In the Middle Ages a fortified complex at the castle Buck. From the year 1228 the Counts of Kyburg are documented in the tower on the church hill servants. During the 14th century, the rule passed to Laufenburg. The monasteries Rheinau, Kappel, Kreuzlingen, Töss and All Saints had great Henggart in real estate. The blood jurisdiction was divided between Andelfingen and Kyburg. After the decline of the Kyburgs fell in 1452 and the second part of the village under the rule of the city of Zurich.

The Church of Henggart was expanded in 1275, with the Kollatur 1474 was the diocese of Constance, until they came with the Reformation Zurich. In 1820, today's classical church was built at the same location.


The puppet theater Bleisch, a touring theater company, was founded in 1970 in Henggart.


  • Adrian Furrer (born 1964 ), theater actor


Village center in the evening

Church of Henggart

Half-timbered house

Bridge over the A4

Historical earthwork castle Buck