The Henley- on-Todd Regatta is a " boat race ", which is held every year since the early 1960s in the spring in Alice Springs in central Australia. The scene is the sandy river bed of the Todd River, which leads only in exceptional cases, water. The typical competition in this not entirely serious event is that teams wear " boats" without ground as quickly as possible on the race track. Unusual aspect of this is probably unique in the world regatta is that they are canceled in rainy weather must - which in 1993 was the case, as the Todd River exceptionally water led. The supporting program includes a parade and place warning signs with slogans such as " No Fishing " or " Beware of Sharks ".


Henley - on-Todd Regatta is organized by the three Rotary Clubs in Alice Springs, with the support of many volunteers. So far there more than one million dollars were raised donations for humanitarian purposes. The event has established itself as a tourist attraction in the region. In the 51st Henley- on-Todd Regatta in 2012 took 440 people participated in the competitions, there were 3,778 paying spectators. Film crews from Germany and Japan documented the event.


The idea emerged in the early 1960s, when members of the Rotary Club discussed a charity event. It was felt, a regatta belong to such an event to do so. The fact that the next major water 1500 kilometers away, should not be an insurmountable obstacle. Reg Smith, an employee of the meteorological service in Alice Springs, came up with the idea that we could even remove the bottom of the boat, so that the teams take to row the boats could carry. Just like any real race was to win its first bug is in the target and the nor all the men on board the boat. According to the name of the event to the famous rowing center Henley-on -Thames was ajar, with the Todd River as a counterpart to the River Thames. Henley - on-Todd Regatta was first held in December 1962. Makes it the event with the longest tradition in the Northern Territory.