Hennezel is a commune in the Vosges department of the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Neufchâteau, for Canton Darney and founded the 1992 Local Government Association Pays de Saône et Madon.


The 422 inhabitants (1 January 2011 ) scoring Hennezel community is located at an average altitude of about 370 m above sea level, 35 kilometers south-west of Epinal and 25 kilometers southeast of Vittel in the extreme south of Lorraine on the border region of Franche -Comté.

The 32.1 km ² large municipality located on the plateau of Voge in the catchment area of the upper Saône. On the plateau rises the Saône Creek Ourche and the opening into it streams Ruisseau des Orgoneaux, Ruisseau de Thiètry and Ruisseau de la Gorge du Loup. Shortly after their source in Vioménil the Saône, at the northern boundary of the municipality of Hennezel.

By far the largest part of the brain area municipality belongs to the Forêt de Darney Domaniale, one of the largest continuous mixed forest areas in the department. Agricultural areas are found only around the nucleus as well as the hamlets and farms of the clearings. To Hennezel include the hamlet Clairey, Clair Fontaine, La Frison, La Grange au Bois, La Grange Bresson, La Hutte, La Planchotte, Le Torchon and Thiètry.

Neighboring communities of Hennezel are Vioménil, La Haye and Grandrupt -de- Bains in the northeast, Gruey -lès- Surance in the east, Ambiévillers in the south, Passavant- la- Rochere the southwest, Claudon and Attigny in the west and Darney and Belrupt in the northwest.


The place name comes from the name of a glassworks, of which there were many in the woods around Darney. 1751 belonged to Hennezel Bailiwick Darney.

Was founded in 1724 in what is now the district of La Hutte in the Valley of Ourche at the site of an abandoned paper mill, a metal factory. From it later became the Royal Factory of La Hutte, in the cutting and slashing tools such as scissors, hatchets and axes were made. The factory was closed in 1940. The building of the former grinding, which also served as a warehouse, is still preserved.



  • Church of Saint- Stanislas (St. Stanislaus )
  • Glass museum in the district Clairey

Transport links

The Department of Road 164 Neufchâteau about Contrexévillenear, Darney, Bains- les- Bains to Saint -Loup- sur- Semouse leads as the main road through the community. The nearest train stations are in Bains- les- Bains and Contrexévillenear.