Henri Cazalis

Henri Cazalis ( born March 9, 1840 in Cormeilles -en- Parisi ( Département Val -d'Oise ), † September 1, 1909 in Florissant ( Geneva ) ) was a French writer, physician and orientalist.

Cazalis was a friend of Stéphane Mallarmé, who was strongly inspire poetry about him and he also got access to the Parnassian. As a writer Cazalis used very often the pseudonyms Jean Caselli and Jean Lahor. Versatile interested, Cazalis friend of the painter Paul Sérusier, the Nabis group of artists founded 1888/89. According Sérusier Cazalis acted as eponym ( " Nabis ", Hebrew for " Prophet ").

About Charles Leconte de Lisle and other Cazalis came into contact with Buddhism. But Cazalis kept his deep inspiration and extracted from it - for a contemporary literary criticism - " his muted nihilism and his stoic ethos ".

Works (selection)

  • Le cantique of cantiques. 1885
  • Histoire de la littérature hindoue. 1888
  • L' illusion. 1875
  • Le livre du néant. 1872
  • Melancholia. 1869
  • Vita tristis. 1865