Henri Duparc (composer)

Marie Eugène Henri Duparc ( born January 21, 1848 in Paris, † February 12, 1933 in Mont -de- Marsan ) was a French composer.


Duparc was one of the first students of César Franck at the Jesuit College of Vaugirard, but completed no complete study of music. 1868 published his first compositions. In 1871 he founded together with Camille Saint- Saëns ' Société Nationale de Musique '. An early orchestral work, the symphonic poem ' Lenore ' (1875 ) made ​​him famous overnight, but is considered his major work, the song-writing, which he (together with Charles Gounod, Gabriel Fauré and Claude Debussy ) sustained the musical life of the second half of the 19th century influenced in France.

His songs still show the influence of Wagner and Berlioz, but they breathe already the spirit of Impressionism, a colored treatment of the orchestra with harp and celesta and the typical French way of composing the " mélodies " (in contrast to German arias or songs ) to make his manuscript. Duparc was a friend of Ernest Chausson, of his ' Poème de l' amour et de la mer ' dedicated to him. Conversely devoted Duparc him some of his songs. Among other things, he set texts of the poet Charles Baudelaire and Théophile Gautier.

The composer Henri Duparc was very self critical, only a few works have survived. In 1885 he had to retire because of a nervous disorder his work. Until his death he lived in Switzerland and devoted himself to literature and painting.


Orchestral works

  • Symphonic poem 'Aux étoiles ' (1874, rev. 1911)
  • Symphonic poem ' Lenore ' (1875 ), according to the ballad Lenore by Gottfried August Bürger

Songs ( selection)

  • Chanson Triste (1868, rev. 1902, orchestrated 1911), Jean Lahor text
  • Invitation au Voyage (1869, 1892 and 1895 orchestrated ), text Charles Baudelaire
  • Au Pays où se fait la guerre (1871 )
  • Lamento, text Théophile Gautier
  • La Manoir de Monde Rose (1879 )
  • Phidylé (1882, 1891-92 orchestrated ), text Leconte de Lisle
  • La Vie antérieure (1884 ), text Charles Baudelaire

Other works

  • A cello sonata (1867 )
  • Different compositions for piano


The songs of Duparc were in the orchestral version, inter alia, played by Janet Baker, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and Felicity Lott, in the piano version, inter alia, of he has sung.