Henri Martin (historian)

Henri Martin ( born February 20, 1810 in Saint- Quentin, France, † December 14, 1883 in Paris) was a French historian and politician.


Martin wrote a history of France, for which he was awarded the grand prize of the Académie française in 1844. In 1870 he was elected mayor of the 16th district of Paris. From 1871 to 1876 he was a member of the National Assembly from 1876 to 1883 and senator. In 1878 he was the successor of the late Adolphe Thiers by the Académie française added as a member ( Seat No. 38).

Henri Martin was a Freemason; along with Édouard René Lefebvre de Laboulaye, the grandchildren of the Marquis de Lafayette and Frédéric -Auguste Bartholdi, a young artist from Alsace, he was instrumental in the financing of the Statue of Liberty, a gift to the United States, whose inauguration he no longer lived through.

After Henri Martin, a moss rose hybrids and the Avenue Henri -Martin was named the 16th district of Paris.