Henri Maspero

Henri Maspero (* December 15, 1883 in Paris, † March 17 1945 in the Buchenwald concentration camp ) was a French sinologist.


Henri Maspero was the son of the Egyptologist Gaston Maspero. After initial studies with his father in Egypt, he returned to France and studied law and Édouard Chavannes Chinese and other languages ​​of East Asia.

In 1908, he started for the branch of the École Française d' Extrême -Orient in Hanoi at work and employed henceforth with the languages ​​and customs of the peoples of the Southeast Asian peninsula ( Indochina ).

In 1918 he became professor of Chinese Studies at the Collège de France, succeeding his teacher Édouard Chavannes. His new research focus was Daoism, about which he published a first short article in 1922. In 1927 he published " La Chine Antique ," a standard work on the history, literature and philosophy of ancient China.

In the 30s Henri Maspero published countless studies on the religion, the legal system and the economic history of China. He took over from Marcel Granet the Department of Chinese Studies at the Sorbonne and was the director of the department of religions of China at the École Pratique des Hautes Études. Since 1935 he was a regular member of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres.

In July 1944, Henri Maspero by the Germans arrested " on suspicion of terrorist activities " and deported to Buchenwald.

Henri Maspero died on March 17, 1945 - shortly before liberation - in the Buchenwald concentration camp from exhaustion. The only German professor of Chinese Studies, which was not then a member of the NSDAP, Erich Haenisch by the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Berlin, had lobbied unsuccessfully for his release.

Henri Maspero 's successor in Paris were Max Cold Kristofer Schipper and Mark.


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