Henri Padou

Henri Padou senior ( born May 15, 1898 in Tourcoing, France; † 19 November 1981) was a French water polo players and swimmers.

Padou participated in Antwerp already in the Olympic tournament in 1920. He started in the 100 meters freestyle and the 4 x 200 meter relay, but could not place in both competitions. In water polo, he retired with the choice of France for a 1:5 against Brazil in the first round.

At the Olympic Games in Paris in 1924, he threw a goal in the 3-2 over Belgium and won with his team-mate Paul Dujardin, Georges Rigal, Albert Deborgies, Noel Delberghe, Robert Desmettre and Albert Mayaud from the French national team the gold medal. In addition, he was back in the 100 meters freestyle and reported in the 4x200m relay, but could not achieve any success there. At the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam, the French team lost in the semi-final against Hungary with 3:5 and could pick up the bronze medal by defeating the United States, Britain and Argentina, where the medal winners have been played by the elaborate Bergvall system. Padou threw in the tournament a total of three goals.

At the 1932 Olympic Games Padou did not participate, but again in Berlin in 1936 at the age of 38 years. The French team was the group stage but lost in the finals 1-3 against Belgium and 0:5 against Hungary and retired without a medal from the tournament.


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