Henri Xhonneux

Henri Mathieu Ghislain Xhonneux ( born June 12, 1945 in Eupen, † March 22 1995 in Uccle ) was a Belgian filmmaker.


Henri Xhonneux was born the son of François Xhonneux ( from Henri- Chapelle ) and Maria Schmitz of La Calamine. After a High School in the orientation of Greek - Latin he visited the department " cameraman" of the "Institut des Arts de Diffusion " ( IAD) in Brussels from 1963 to 1966. From 1966 to 1969 he worked as a freelance cameraman for the former state broadcaster Belgavox, for which he was responsible, among other things, numerous reports on Africa. In 1970 he founded with Eric van Beuren the production company " Y. C. Aligator film ". In addition to numerous short films and television series are especially his movies " Souvenir of Gibraltar " and " Marquis " highlight.

His first feature film, in 1975 published " Souvenir of Gibraltar ," is autobiographical in many trains. Here his youth is processed in the Welkenraedter home area. As contributors occur among others Annie Cordy and Eddie Constantine. This film was represented in the seventies, even at the film festival in Moscow.

The resulting, in collaboration with Roland Topor 1989 film " Marquis ", which is based on the history of Donatien -Alphonse- François de Sade, celebrated, among other successes in Paris and ran there for a year in the cinema halls. In Barcelona, ​​Spain, he won the award for Best Artistic Contribution at the Film Festival in 1989 and at the International Cinema Festival of Figuera da Foz, the price of the International Committee for the dissemination of the arts through cinema.

Through collaboration with the artist and filmmaker Roland Topor the television series Téléchat, which became a cult series in the audience of young people in the years 1983-1985 was created. Alone In 1984 she won in Cannes the price of the best French children's and youth program, in Milan the honorable mention at the conference " The child in our times ", in Spain the first prize at the Festival of Gijon and finally the crystal antenna for best transmission of the Brussels year. In the following year 1985, the series was at the 27th Television Festival in New York the silver medal and it was even nominated in Los Angeles for the " Emmy Award".

Finally, Henri Xhonneux in 1987 with "A rebrousse poil " released his first book, followed two years later by the publication of the annotated screenplay of " Marquis ".

On 22 March 1995 Henri Xhonneux died at Uccle at the age of only 49 years.